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The origin of Nausicaà

Nausicaà is a project that came from an ocean enthusiast in the early 1980s. In 1977, Guy Lengagne, mayor of Boulogne, decided to launch a project worthy of France's first fishing port: Nausicaà. Nausicaà is a new kind of aquarium, a centre for the sea that will make the public aware of the problems linked to the oceans. It is also a research centre, an educational centre for young people to raise awareness of the marine environment.

On 19 May 2018, Nausicaà becomes the largest aquarium in Europe.



You can find a complete report on the construction of the largest aquarium in Europe, Nausicaà : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bmq_QsPQQoE.


Programmes and activities of Nausicaà



The programme is different depending on the day, the month and the year. We invite you to click on the following link to find your programme in time.

Link to Nausicaà programme and activitieshttps://www.nausicaa.fr/animations/



In order to prepare your visit in the best possible way, take a look at the activities proposed:


- Backstage tour of Nausicaà

Witness the daily behind-the-scenes encounters between the aquarium keepers and the fish of the High Seas. You will have the opportunity to see the feeding of rays or sharks. You can take a behind-the-scenes tour of the caretakers' team, or learn about the technical aspects and technological prowess of the 10,000m3 tank.

The price is €12.90 for over 12s and €9.90 for under 12s. The tour lasts about 1 hour.

For more information here is the link to the Nausicaà web page:



- The Nausicaà children's booklet

This booklet is fun and educational. It will allow the child to put himself in the shoes of a caretaker during the visit. They will learn while having fun thanks to games and tricks. At the end of the visit, a surprise will be offered in the shop if they succeed in their mission.

The price is €6.90 per book.

Here is the link for this activity on the Nausicaà website: https://www.nausicaa.fr/le-livret-enfant/


These activities are not compulsory but they will enrich your visit.


The visit of Nausicaà


To best prepare your visit to Nausicaà, book a time slot by following this link : https://www.nausicaa.fr/horaires/

The tours last a minimum of 2.5 to 3 hours, but you can spend all day if you take the time to look at everything.


Nausicaà prices




Nausicaà map for your visit


The exhibition of shores and people The exhibition Journey to the High Seas


What you can see at Nausicaà


→40 species in the largest pool in Europe: (grey shark, sardines, sigans, the great manta ray...)

→Coral reefs

→Immersive show on how to cope with disruption and limit climate change

→Ray touch pool

→The mystery of the jellyfish

→Sea lions,


→Sharks (zebras, leopards, bulls, greys, carpets, nursers, sleepers...)


Photos and articles on this link: https://www.nausicaa.fr/aquarium/



How to get to Nausicaà from the guest house or your flat?


We are located 15 minutes walk from Nausicaà and 7-8 minutes by car. A free shuttle bus runs from Dalton Square next to the guesthouse and drops you off in front of Nausicaà. It runs to and from the hotel. The shuttle leaves from the bus stop at Place Dalton, next to the church, from Monday to Sunday, including public holidays, every 25 minutes from 12:30 to 18:30.


Annual closure of Nausicaa

Nausicaà will be closed on 25 December 2021. On the 1st of January, Nausicaà will be open from 2pm until 6.30pm.

Link to timetable: https://www.nausicaa.fr/horaires/

Nausicaà usually closes in the middle of January.

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